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30950_E13 Machine for washing with methanol and drying

This is the stainless steel equipment for the automatic processing of parts of electrical components. The methanol is used for washing. Methanol is flammable toxic substance which is forming an explosive mixture with the air. A potentially explosive atmosphere there is inside the device. Parts of the shape of a small vial, with a capacity ranging from 0.3 up to 1.5 ml, are processed once per eighty pieces. Parts are palletized (stored) all at once in technological pallets. First, they are all filled and flushed with methanol so that they are free of bubbles. Subsequently, methanol is sucked off from all of the parts. At the next step, hot air is blowing to the parts to dry. At the last step, technological pallet are stored to a ten positions cassette. Operator is carrying out only inserting of the pallets into the device, and removing of the cassettes with already processed pallets. Any shifting of the pallets, within the device, is performed automatically.

(The equipment is used by U.S. customer in Czech Republic.)