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32500_E3 Crushing and Sieving Pyrotechnic Fuse Composition

The equipment is a special-purpose machine designed for crushing and sieving pyrotechnic composition in potentially explosive atmospheres. Crushing part is placed in a protective cover, which prevents the escape of dust composition outside the crusher. The V3 class potentially explosive atmosphere is inside the housing. The equipment consists of a feed hopper, pneumatically driven vibratory trough conveyor (manger), crushing bundle, coarse-mesh sieve with brush, fine-mesh sieve with 0.13 to 0.16 mm mashes and from weighing equipment. Pneumatic vibrator provides sieving and shift of the crushed pyrotechnic composition (mixture). A safety armoured wall is the portative part of the mechanical units and for a cover of the crusher. The safety armoured wall separates the operator's standpoint (the V2 class potentially explosive atmosphere) from the area where mixture be crushed. There is a pneumatically operated visor in the wall. This visor is made of laminated safety glass and is used to dispose and remove the mixture. Visor allows the operator to remove the exact dose of mixture adjusted by its weight. The equipment is made of conductive materials and from materials with antistatic coating. All materials, components and electronic elements of work area are intended for use in explosive atmosphere with explosive dusts. Electric drives for crushers are located outside the explosive environment and are actuating the moving parts via cardan shaft couplings, which pass through the expelling (sweep out) wall and crusher housing. The mechanical segment is connected to the control system and control panel via pneumatic cross-connecting frame. On the control panel, you can find all controls, display of the scale and signalization. The control system, ensuring all work and safety features, is placed to the area outside the danger zone.

Whole equipment is made of stainless steel; dimensions: 1700 x 800 mm, height – 2200 mm.

(The equipment is used by japanese customer in Czech Republic.)