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About company

STROZA s.r.o. was founded in 1998 as a company operating in the design and production of complex special purpose machines, equipments and production lines. Our key priority is to reward our customers. Our trends and services are driven by focus and by the needs of our Clients. We continue to focus on the key elements of service that are most important to our customers. Our company uses the most advanced technology and in fact, it can meet all customer's demands, which are typical mainly for the needs of semiconductor, electrotechnical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and automotive industries.

According to the specific customer requirements, we provide design and construction of the stand-alone devices and also of interconnected production systems or accessories. These solutions are compatible with the other devices and control systems. We use the latest technology and materials that are available and are able to satisfy individual customer needs (clean rooms or chemically aggressive environment, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, special treatment environments, such as areas with explosion hazard of flammable gases, vapours and dust).


Target of all our efforts is to be the reliable partner to our customers, not be just a supplier.